i have a headache and nausea and i feel very tired what could it be?

not pregnant i cant be im on birthcontrol and its not the birthcontrol ive been on it for a long time . and i dont have a period

Answer by *princess*
…or pregnant.

Answer by Seraphim
You could have one of the viruses that’s doing the rounds.

Answer by jessicadiamond_4einc
If you’ve had unprotected sex, there is a possibility that you could be pregnant…… If you think you might be, I would suggest doing a home test.

Pehaps you’re coming down wiht the flu or something….

If you still feel this way in a few days, perhaps you should contact your dr and see if it’s anything more serious.

Good luck

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You say you can’t be pregant because you’re on birth control and have been on it for a long time…. there is a chance you can become pregnant while on birth control….you do realise that right?? Though it is a small chance, there are women it’s happened to.

Answer by Kesha T
That could be symptoms from common cold, pregnancy, all the way to low iron. You should go get checked out to find out for yourself. Hope all will be well for you!

Answer by christina
well i know that dizzyness is part of being pregnant. umm same thing with me..if its birthcontrol that u havent been on for a while then maybe thats it, maybe u are having a side affect to it. but i just found out i was pregnant and i felt dizzy and was grouchy and my face would feel soo warm but not my forhead like i had a fever, just take a test or talk to ur dr.

nausea tired: i have a headache and nausea and i feel very tired what could it be?

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