vomiting feeling

I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?
I have the flu and I don’t have a big appetite, so I forced myself to eat dinner. It wasn’t a lot, but I keep feeling like I need to vomit. I ate about three hours ago, and the feeling hasn’t dissipated any. I don’t really want to make myself throw up because I haven’t had a lot to eat these past few days. What can I do?

Answer by tony_sams
run around in circles

Answer by Lovely**
u cant! good luck

Answer by Steffani
pepto bismol
helps me

Answer by I M McLovin
pepto dismol

Answer by gravyboat
You shouldn’t ever make yourself eat large amounts of food when you have the flu….the feeling won’t go away. You can either sleep it off or throw it up.

Answer by Kate
Try burping, but not to the extent that you’ll throw up, if that makes sense, It may release some gas you have and make you feel better. the same thing has happend to me. Otherwise try laying down and relaxing.

Answer by McLovin
Lemon with salt always helps me. Try it and i hope it works.

Answer by James V
stick your finger down your throat so you can throw up and take some headache med

Answer by missarchuleta14

Answer by Anthony G
if you have to you have to…
if it is not coming up on its own..
then just deal with it. go to bed

vomiting feeling: I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?

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