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  1. take a prilosic it’ll help your stomach calm down.

  2. You could try antacids, like Rolaids or Tums, Pepto Bismol, or sometimes just a glass of ginger ale works.

  3. sleep.

  4. lay on your stomach it may hurt the frist couple minutes but after 5mins you will feel as good as new.

  5. try eating tooth paste or pepto bismo the tooth paste thing really works just drink some water after or maybe laying on your stomach might help.. i m sorry feel better soon

  6. Use the energy, go to the bathroom,

  7. you can try to walk around to get your metabolism up, or it could be built up gas so you should wait and hope to fart/burp soon

  8. Pepto Bismo or Tums will do the trick.
    Hope you feel better soon!


  9. awh, im sorry. they say not to lay down cuz it digests weird or something..but i always just go to sleep when i do that…or maybe you could drink like water or something…lol i dunno

  10. take a nap,
    take some pepto bismol,
    or simply just sit and relax. drink some ginger ale.

  11. hun just lay down. I know the feeling. Sometimes I will drink a little ginger ale to soothe my stomach but I don’t know if you can handle that or water, so just lay down and relax and get as comfortable as possible, whenever I do that the feeling normally passes. Get well soon

  12. These are few steps for a recipe may help you:

    1. Prepare peppermint tea and allow to cool.

    2. Grate an onion and squeeze the pulp through a cheese cloth (if desperate, just use a paper towel). Make 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Onion Juice.

    3. Hold your nose and swallow the onion juice.

    4. Follow with just 1 Tablespoon of peppermint tea. Wait ten minutes. Take another Tablespoon of peppermint tea. Wait 15 minutes.

    This remedy should stop vomiting within 15 minutes, according to Gail. The peppermint tea helps to re-hydrate you.

  13. I usually drink some ginger ale, sprite, or soda water. Something bubbly is usually good. You might also try alka seltzer, which works similarly but also has some meds. Tea or warm milk helps, too, or even putting a heating pad on your stomach.

  14. sleep/rest in bed. Just lie down somewhere for an hour or so. It’ll feel much better.

  15. do not force yourself to vomit
    go to sleep
    keep a bucket near your bed
    thats the best thing you can do at the moment
    in fact
    you should drink tea
    and go to sleep

  16. the best thing to do is call your doctor

    i call my doctor alottt its free to ask there advice and its usally the most helpful .

    If ur doctors office isnt opened call the local hostpital and ask them if you can ask a few questions.

    :) i hope you try something and it worksss!

  17. try eat some orange

  18. sit up
    don’t lie down, that will just make it worse

    watch tv or something to take your mind off the sick feeling

    try having a banana if you can force that down or fizzy drink like lemonade!

  19. Get a bottle of water & sit ( or lay ) on the couch. Throw up if you must, hold it down if you can. Also, you might not be a smoker, but pot will 1. take your nausea away 2. raise your spirits 3. allow you to eat (& keep pills down). All are important. Good luck.

  20. go for a walk.

    or take some milanta…
    it’s for stomach ache you know after you eat.. go to the drugstore ann buy it..or tums

  21. The answer in short: Continue to eat even more.

    Like my dearest gammy, Tutumba, used to tell me, “don’t leave the door open unless your belly is full.” The only way to cure a full belly (also know as “glutgut” in medical jargon) is to force more food into said belly until the aforementioned belly no longer aches. I can’t stress enough that the “bellyache” that I just mentioned should not, under any circumstances, be confused with the term “heartache”. “Heartache”, of course, is the well-known and serious medical condition that only affects lovers, the elderly, and weak individuals. The physiologic reason for the Eat More Food to Cure a Full Belly (EMFCFB) ailment is not well understood. Scholars insist that it has something to do with the negative atmospheric pressure in the stomach and the fact that all the names of the days end in a “y”.

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