Get rid of sick nauseous feeling in stomach?

nauseous feeling

Get rid of sick nauseous feeling in stomach?
ive had a cold the last couple of days, and i think maybe some of the medicine i took might be cause for the nausea, but its been 12hrs and i havent eaten anything or taken any more meds, and i still have a horrible nauseous feeling. Any remedies to make it go away?

Answer by PRiNCESS
try saltine crackers and sprite

Answer by versantly
avoid milk products, keep a food diary, wash your hands well, drink lotsa water, increase your dose of probiotics, and see a GI doctor.

Answer by mel
Did you take the meds with food? Most need to be to stop nausea. Also eat something if not drink something. Try tea or something light, 12 hours without food even when sick, not to good. Try Chicken Soup everyone swears by it even cancer patients if they can keep it down so can you. Good luck get better soon!!!

Answer by justmeinthisworld
ginger pills/ginger ale

Answer by married man
your doctor can prescribe a anti nausea medication that will help it is inexpensive and it works i believe it is called “phenigrin”

nauseous feeling: Get rid of sick nauseous feeling in stomach?

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