feeling sick like vomiting of a morning?
I’m 16 and about 5 weeks i got a really bad flu where i was in bed and vomiting quite a lot. After about a week or so i was better from the cold but since then every morning i feel like I’m going to throw up then after i eat something about an hour later i am fine again. Ive been to the doctors and he gave me some reflux tablets but they don’t seem to be working. Any suggestions would be sweet thanks :)
PS just a little hint i am a guy and i’m not gay cant u read the name :)

Answer by Aliz
Do you have a boyfriend? Have you been fooling around with him? If you have been sexual with him you could be having a baby, because it sounds like “morning sickness” to me.
Go and see a OBGYN (a woman problems doctor).

Answer by softspot100
It is possible you have a build up of phlegm from the cold you had. Even your sinuses could be making you feel sick if they got infected through your flu. I would go back to the GP again for another opinion. Try eating a bland biscuit before you get out of bed meanwhile, it may help with the nausea. You could also try inhaling eucalyptus dissolved in boiling water, with a towel over your head, this should help to disperse the build up of phlegm and clear your sinuses.

vomiting feeling: feeling sick like vomiting of a morning?

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