Feeling nauseous while at the computer?

Feeling nauseous while at the computer?
I used to play my computer a lot, but took a few months off. When I started playing again, I would get a nauseous feeling after playing for a short while. What is causing this?

Answer by Liz
You’re not used to the constant movement and fast shape and color changes anymore

Answer by Llama Nation
Maybe it’s because you’re not used to staring at the screen for a long time. I know that happened to me before too. Try turning down the brightness level.

Answer by Interested
Lots of things could cause it including serious heath problems. Try taking a break for a few minutes every hour.

Answer by formerly_bob
There are two possibilities i can think of: (1) you need glasses or if you have glasses you need a new prescription; or (2) the screen refresh rate on your monitor is set improperly or is slow enough that your eyes are are reacting to flickering or flashing.

nauseous feeling: Feeling nauseous while at the computer?

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