Can peppermint candies help for nausea?

Can peppermint candies help for nausea?
I have had constant nausea for the past 2 weeks. (Like burning stomach and nausea) Went to dr. today, was told to take Prilosec OTC. Started today.

I’ve been taking mylanta, acupressure, using a heating pad, resting…wondering if peppermint candies would help in the meantime until the prilosec kicks in?

I don’t have any tea, all I have is Bob’s peppermint candies. (with peppermint oil as an ingredient)
Would these work or just make it worse?

Answer by Pink Chilli
I think if it’s that bad it’s worth giving it a shot, you should know if it helps after 20 minutes of eating it.

Answer by Momperson
People have said it helps and it’s often used in holistic medicine as a cure for nausea. Eat one and see!

Answer by missblissfu63
I think anything with peppermint oil will help. I’ve never tried the particular candies you’re talking about, but I don’t think you have anything to lose. Good luck!

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