Bloating, Fatigue, Nausea, Headaches?

nausea headaches

Bloating, Fatigue, Nausea, Headaches?
I’m 20 years old, and have been diagnosed with endometriosis and am on birth control..
For a couple of months now I’ve had headaches on and off, and now the headaches are pretty bad. I’ve been nauseated, and am now becoming very bloated.. and often constipated..I am also very tired, which is probably associated with the headaches.. and within the last week, I’ve been having pains in my upper abdomen, mostly constant aches..
I have no idea what it could be.. Any help would be great..

Answer by Mystica’s Sister
The problem is the birth control pill. That can do REALLY bad stuff to you. I suggest that you get OFF the pill, and find a more natural way to control birth, or just use a condom. If you’re on the pill for your period, it’s not worth it. Millions of women go through a regular period, probably worse than yours, and still don’t turn to the pill.

Answer by thegreatone
You’re on your period.

Answer by kimok30
Endometriosis symptoms depend on where the endo has implanted in your abdomen. If you have endo on your colon then you may get diarrhea with periods. If you have endo implants on your bladder, you may have burning with urination. Laparoscopic surgery or medication to suppress the endo can help. My fertility doc is going to put me on lupron to suppress the endo if I don’t get preg by May. I would suggest visiting your gyn doc about your problems.

nausea headaches: Bloating, Fatigue, Nausea, Headaches?

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