Always feeling ill, no energy, tired, nausea, dizzy, faint, and gaining weight fast. whats wrong with me?

nausea tired

Always feeling ill, no energy, tired, nausea, dizzy, faint, and gaining weight fast. whats wrong with me?
Have all the above symptoms. I went 2 Dr. & he ran a glucose tolerance test. I got HORRIBLY sick in the process BUT my results came back normal. Ive always been a skinny girl ( im 21 years old) but here in the past 6 months ive gained weight rapidly no matter what i eat or how much i exercise. Im CONSTANTLY getting headaches EVERY DAY! i crave chocolate, sugar and meat like crazy. I sleep 8 or 9 hours a night yet i feel like i havent gotten any sleep at all. I sleep sound through the night though. Why am i craving sugar so much? My doctor seems to think i am just not eating healthy, i eat like i always have and from the time i was born till 20 i was perfectly healthy, in shape and everything. Now i feel like my whole body is shot down, Something is definately wrong. Why am i getting severe headaches everyday and why do i keep feeling faint and passing out when it gets close to meal times? Please help, i need advice. I feel so sick and weak. ( and no, i cant be pregnant) HELP!
Thanks for the replys.
To add to my ?, I have been on depression med (lexapro) for a year but over the past few months i have tried to get off of them, ive been takin the meds every other day and then started every 3 days and so on. I havent been depressed in a LONG time so i figured i didnt need the medicine anymore, and my dr said to slowly let myself off them like i am doing.

I have also been on birth control for about 4 years now. I was thinking yesterday that maybe i need to talk to my obgyn about the amount of hormones im taking in my birth control. Maybe they are too low for me since i am not a teen anymore.

I really do not know what the heck is going on with me but whatever it is it sucks.. All i can think about is going home and sitting in the dark and silence so my head will stop ringing and going to SLEEP!

Also, Why am i gaining so much weight? This is whats going to give me depression again. Ive gained 30 lbs in less than 6 months! I want to cry now!

Answer by nmilover
get full blood work up…. ask for hepatitis C test, hep b, hep anything……. headaches can be from stress, I know, get migraines…. smoking, or illness….. get full work up… get tested for hepatitis C…. sally

Answer by Swm 39 4 Younger Swf Forever

Answer by e837
You need to have some hormone tests ran, that sounds like its the problem. I havent done alot of studying into this, but what your describing does sound like a hormone imbalance, and it can be corrected with medication.

Answer by Cammie
Have an endocrinologist check you out for Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid probs and hypoglycemia.

Have an OB/gyn check you out for PCOS.
Good luck.

Answer by bluesun
might be stress. talk to me if u need someone to vent with also try walking, listen to music, go, and try drinking water.and sleep eight hours. try magnesium and chamomile tea to help with calming down. also a bubble bath can help. try 1800 lifenet. its 24 hours and it can help to have another person listen to. try also that sitecuz it gives meditation advices. also try just praying. and also write down ur thoughts.

Answer by Chris R
you could have seasonal depression or maybe you have been extremely stressed out i know when im stressed or depressed about something i feel sick and get migranes that wont go away. so maybe tyry meditation or drink some green tea and just relax and if that doesnt work you might want to see another doctor

Answer by kim p
You need to go back to your doctor and have him test you for diabetes. I know you said you already took a glucose test, but you may need to try it again. I’m telling you this because last year at this time I had all those symptoms and my doctor tested me for diabetes. She told me not to worry because i looked to healthy to be diabetic, but she was wrong. So getting it checked again probably wont hurt, and also start to exercise. I know you probably don’t have the strength to do it but just walking down the street will help you feel much better.

nausea tired: Always feeling ill, no energy, tired, nausea, dizzy, faint, and gaining weight fast. whats wrong with me?

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