Acid Reflux with nausea?

Acid Reflux with nausea?
I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux disease 15 years ago. I have been on an acid blocker (prevacid) and some others over the years. The condition has slowly worsened. About 5 years ago, I started feeling constant nausea that literally lasted one year. The constant nausea tapered off after that and since then, it comes and goes throughout the day and evening. I still take Prevacid everyday for the acid reflux.

My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist (stomach specialist) and they ran a scope with a camera into my stomach. They said the bottom of my stomach looked red and irritated and that was all they found. They did not believe it was contributing to my nausea. Nothing further was done. I have been living with this nausea that comes and goes ever since. I am not sure what to do anymore. I am writing this because I am just getting tired of it.

I mostly feel nausea when I am hungry and need to eat. After I eat, it feels better but after an hour or two, I feel some indigestion from what I ate earlier. It is a continuous cycle.

I do take Naproxin for osteoarthritis and I have been on other medications for my joint pain. My doctor recently swiched me to Mobic for joint pain and to help reduce my nausea and after I got the medication, I read that one of the side effect is nausea! Nonetheless, I took the Mobic for a week and suffered a lot of nausea. I stopped taking it. In the past, my doctor has also prescribed 800mg Ibuprophin which I could not take, it tears my stomach apart! I am so discouraged and I really don’t want to go back to the doctor.

I am 42 yrs old female. I don’t eat all that great but not all that bad either. I don’t eat a lot of salt, sugar or meat. I stay away from really high fat/ high calorie foods. I don’t drink much caffeine or soda. I don’t drink alcohol (also tears up my stomach) and I don’t do drugs.

Anyone have any suggestions? Advice? Thanks

Answer by JustMe
I feel your pain!

I’m 45, have MS & Migraine Disease. There are times when I get a migraine without pain only nausea. What works WONDERFULLY is called Phenagren 25mg. Anytime I’ve had to go to the hospital for a morphine drip due to a migraine, they’ve always added phenagren to prevent any nasuea as well. I can’t recommend it enough.

Oh yeah, I too have acid reflux. I’m on Nexium. Why the heck is it that our bodies want to give out on us when we’re still somewhat young? I mean, it’s not like we’re in our 60’s. Ya know what I mean? I too am very tired of being sick all the time.

Hope I helped.

Answer by ansirs

I see from your Q that you drink very little soda’s, caffeine and no alcohol, that is a very good start and will be easier on you getting completely better.

First you have to become aware of the poisons that are routinely put into our food in the name of providing us with low/no sugar drinks and low fat this and low fat that and the rest of the crap they spin-doctor us with, when in truth all they are really doing is pumping us with toxins that make us think their products are good for us by tasting good and in reality are creating diseases through the poisons in our food that manifest years later as diseases such as; Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Ulcers, Depression etc etc.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge increase in diseases that were relatively rare many years ago?

Why is there such a crisis in the American (and other countries) population of overweight people?

Read & watch the links provided to see the truth about what is the real cause of our health problems.

You are probably thinking that wouldn’t really happen?

They wouldn’t poison people in the name of profit?

Then think again, just look at the Formica Powder in baby food and Cadbury products in China and USA, previous to that, do you remember the Red dye problem that caused the massive recall of foodstuffs (after it had been on sale for 2 years) and there have been many such, and they are only the ones who got too greedy and added their own make-more-profit chemicals to food, it does not include the FDA’s so-called “Safe Additives”.

To address your current problems, have you tried getting a tin of peaches, opening it and placing the contents in a Tupperware container in the fridge to keep it fresh (never leave a tin food contents in an opened tin, the air reacts with the tin’s inside coating and is Not good for you) eat a couple of the peach slices when you have the need, you will never need antacids again. (read the leaflet with ant-acids they are Not for long term use!)

Have you ever heard of the Water Cure by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj?

I did a few years ago and have been using his method since then, It is truly amazing and I would not still be around if not for it, so forgive me if I seem overly enthusiastic about it, see more about it in the links. (It’s practically FREE, just the cost of the Sea Salt in your supermarket etc, and tap water or filtered water.) Go to your local library and take out Dr. B’s book called “Water & Salt, your healers from within” ISBN: 1-903571-24-3.

Our bodies are approx. 75% water and it needs to be kept at it’s optimal amount, if not we become dehydrated, but products like soda’s, caffeine and alcohol have diuretic effects and cause us to lose more water than is actually in the products we are drinking instead of water, causing dehydration over a period of time, this water loss is at the heart of the health problems we are suffering (aside from the excitotoxin caused problems).

Drinking approx. 2 L water per day with Sea Salt is the answer (IMPORTANT: See the link for the proper recipe), Unsure? then think about this, What is the one thing almost routinely given to you when you are having serious health issues and are in A&E, yes, thats right, Saline Drip = Salt & Water (surprise, surprise)

Research excitotoxins for yourself, you will be shocked and surprised just what is being foisted upon us and how bad it really is for our health.

BTW: I am Not a doctor nor am I affiliated with any product manufacturer etc I am just a person whose life was destroyed by Monosodium Glutamate and Aspartame and other poisons in my food.

Good Luck.

Answer by celina
try not to have any acid at all(orange juice,lemon……)it make it worse even with pills .and do not eat things that has mint in it like gum,candy….when you have pain at night sleep on your left side,always carry some cracker or any snack everywhere you go so you don’t be hungry.take your medecine in the same time everyday(kinda like if you’re taking birth control pills)…i hope you feel better luck

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