1 month late for period, nausea, tired, lots of discharge? help!?

nausea tired

1 month late for period, nausea, tired, lots of discharge? help!?
I am almost a month late for my period and have been getting an abnormal amount of discharge, to the point where I think i am getting my period along with cramps on and off, my discharge is thick an white, and I feel very tired and find myslef sometimes sleeping for 12 hours a day! I have headaches, chills, broke out and kinda feel like I am getting the flu any ideas? I am to afraid to take a preg. test because evrytime I do in the past it came out neg. and the last time I thought I was pregnant I had to have my apendix removed!!
by the way yes I am continously having sex since I will be married a year in feb, also no itching involved with the symptoms.
the discharge was for 2 days and i have yet to see tha much today only saw a dime size once today.

Answer by Jamie
Just take a test, it will give accurate results at this point being 1 month late. Or schedule an appointment with your doctor ASAP. Good luck!

Answer by lil mama
okay u sound pregnant and the discharge that’s a diff thing u shouldn’t have a discharge okay when i went to the doc when i found out i was pregnant i had a discharge and it was a std they told me i shouldn’t have a discharge till after i had the baby or the last two months of my pregnancy so if i was u i would go to the doc. and have them give u a preancy test and when u do that they will also test u for any std good luck

Answer by ♥Madison♥
well I think you shoudl start by thinking about having an hpt, the big ammounts of discharge you say is very common in early pregnancy, it is called leucorrea.

Also cramps are very normal and are a sign of pregnancy, fecundation takes place in your fallopian tube and the blastocyst makes it´s way to your uterus, in this trip it grows and that´s why you feel cramps, mainly in one side.

By this time a hpt can come positive cause the hcg levels in your body must show at this time.

Good luck! ;D

nausea tired: 1 month late for period, nausea, tired, lots of discharge? help!?

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