Questions about Vomiting?

Apr 25
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vomiting feeling

Questions about Vomiting?
Okay so today I had a huge workout at my high school to get ready for the sport’s season and I had eaten a lot like 45 minutes before (including some acidic orange juice). And after sprinting a few times I began to feel nauseous so I asked if I could sit a few workouts out. Then I puked. But I know why I did (ate too close to the workout) because afterwards I could do a lot of stuff (like heavy lifting). But before I vomited, I got kind of like dizzy and I had to keep my eyes closed because I was seeing all weird colors (like when you first wake up or rub your eyes and open them). After vomiting, the rest of the day I didn’t have those symptoms again so I was just wondering what happened?

Answer by oldtimekid
The excess movement upset your stomach. Same thing happens to me. I’ve even had several times during intense workouts where I felt like I was going to vomit just because I was pushing so hard (I hadn’t eaten for several hours beforehand). It’s also pretty common to see someone throw up in the first couple days of intense workouts in high school sports.

As far as the dizzy part, I’ve had that happen to me when I had more violent vomiting (like when my stomach was really upset). If you didn’t have that the rest of the day, you should be fine.

What I would suggest is to eat at least 2-3 hours before you work out, just so your stomach digests enough to not get as upset.

Answer by Trinidy
You ate then you over worked yourself while being so full. Next time eat a light meal then just watch how hot you get, it wasn’t just the food but because you got so hot.

Answer by hmark
That’s why they tell athletes (and others) to eat at least an hour before working out. When you can’t do that, eat pasta (did this before aerobic workout) with nothing else except some butter, salt or a little sauce. No protein as that takes too long to digest. It provided enough carbs to complete my workout, then afterwards, I would go home and eat some proteins (chicken).

For a quick pick me up before exercising, I ate some bananas as my stomach could tolerate it while I was moving around (dancer).

Answer by Dr. Gregg
This sounds like a mild bit of “dumping”. This is when the stomach content enters into the upper intestine too rapidly, triggering a massive neurohormonal release that attempts to slow emptying. Side effects of this include dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Putting pressure on the stomach could mechanically cause some of the content to release before it should. The starting position for sprinting could do this.

Avoid sugary juices or other sweets before a workout, as they can particularly bring this on. Eat lightly, and stick to protein like eggs (not protein drinks) and some complex carbs from whole grains.

vomiting feeling: Questions about Vomiting?


My daughter has a vertical compression injury between C1 and C2…?

Apr 25
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My daughter has a vertical compression injury between C1 and C2…?
What does this mean? She hit her head on the playground at school a month ago and has been sleeping tons since. Anyone have any ideas? How is it treated? Does getting it treated help with the nausea, headaches, and sleepiness? What should I expect? She just turned six-years-old.
Yes, I meant “vertebral” compression injury at C1/C2. So far there is just evidence of a bone compression fracture, but they are doing another MRI tomorrow to get another look.

Her psychiatrist thinks she had a mild concussion (she has PTSD/anxiety). I agree that all of her symptoms are signs of one.

This last month I took her to a chiropractor and her pediatrician. Since yesterday she has seen a new primary doctor (I switched because her pediatrician wasn’t doing anything) who has taken xrays, gotten an MRI, and spoke with her neurologists (she has hemiplegic migraines, too)… they are rushing things as fast as they can, but our insurance approval time is holding us up. It is taking about 1/2 a day for each thing to get approved, which according to the doc is way too long…

I am very concerned that she has a serious brain injury and/or spinal cord injury. What are her doctors telling you??????

Answer by Doctor J
Hi Annie. I am retired Chiropractor. I am not sure what type of injury you are trying to describe that your daughter experienced. I am very concerned about her current symptoms!

First, do you mean she had a “vertebral” compression injury at C1/C2? Was there a spinal cord injury at this level or a bone compression fracture? or both?

Did she have a serious concussion? Her nausea, headaches, and sleepiness are HUGE signs of a serious concussion (brain injury).

What type of treatment is she receiving? What type of doctors has she seen? Family medical doctor? Neurologist? Pediatrician? Chiropractor?

I am very concerned that she has a serious brain injury and/or spinal cord injury. What are her doctors telling you??????

Best wishes and good luck.

Answer by Alayna H
Hi- sorry to hear this happened to your daughter. I’m guessing you already took her to the doctor. If you haven’t definitely go. The C in C1 and C2 means Cervical which is the uppermost vertebrate of your spine. The type of fracture depends on the location of the injury, the spatial orientation of the break, and the force of the blow. In a simple compression fracture, the break seems to be minimal and is towards the midline of the vertebra. A vertical compression fracture is like a simple compression fracture, but the force of the break was more damaging. If her diagnosis is a vertical compression fracture, the physician will stabilize and immobilize the site to allow the bones to knit back together. You can keep the rest of your body moving just so long as you don’t put any strain on the injury site. I’m not sure about the side effects but i would guess that those would get better as she healed. Ask your physician.
Hope she gets better soon!

nausea headaches: My daughter has a vertical compression injury between C1 and C2…?


Im 14, and im on lamictal, im getting some side effects and i dont know if there bad or not?

Apr 25
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Im 14, and im on lamictal, im getting some side effects and i dont know if there bad or not?
Im 14 nd just started taking lamictal about a week ago and latley ive had a bad cough, sore throat in the morning, nd i have to clear my throat alot like somthings in it. this morning i felt like my lip was swollen but i might have just been nervous.
Im pretty scared, and my mom said to keeo taking it but i dont wanna get worse from it

Answer by Fletch827
I took Lamictal for about a year but I didn’t have those side effects. You could check online and also on the bottle and accompanying pharmaceutical slip to read the side effects. I’m not sure about all of the side effects. Don’t stop taking it without talking to your prescribing doctor first. You should call your doctor tomorrow, leave a message and a nurse will probably call you back and discuss what’s going on and what to do. Perhaps you could move your appointment up to discuss what’s going on.

*Add* Could you have the cold or flu?

*Add2* Sara Nicole is right. My psychiatrist told me to stop taking it if I started having rashes on my body.

Answer by ❤Sarah Nicole
I can remember vaguely that my psychiatrist advised me to IMMEDIATELY stop taking it if I had:
-a rash anywhere on the body
-extreme physical tiredness and unmotivation

nausea tiredness: Im 14, and im on lamictal, im getting some side effects and i dont know if there bad or not?


Is it normal to feel like vomiting after working out?

Apr 24
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Is it normal to feel like vomiting after working out?
I haven’t done anything real since high school which was like 7 years ago. I’ve been doing some push ups and crunches and I get the urge to vomit. Is this normal? I feel like a bloat already, is this just the food in my stomach making me feel like this or what? How can I avoid the feeling and does it happen every time?

Also is there a limit to how many push ups/curl ups I should be doing a day? I have no real routine. I just do as many in a day that I can until my stomach hurts. I guess I’m a little obsessive but like I said I feel fat and have not done anything in 7 years. I need results!

Answer by ♥ :)
I workout six times a week and I have been for 8 months. I do it healthy and I try to eat very light before I workout. Although, I do get very nauseous during my workouts.

Some people would say it is a sign of overworking yourself, some say dehydration–It can also be if your sick, not eating enough or sometimes even working out early in the morning can do it. I have experienced all these things before, but even without doing them I still can get nauseous while working out, particularly at the end of my workouts.

As for your question, as long as you really aren’t overdoing it something crazy like 700 a day, then that’s okay. Just make sure you listen to your body. Know the signs of overworking. Actually I think some people can do like 700 push ups/sit ups a day, but they obviously work out to it, and that means you can’t just do an insane number from like 100 and go to 400 the next day.

I am obsessive too, so I suggest maybe slowing down and seeing if you are overworking you self, cause that is probably the main cause of feeling sick while working out.

vomiting feeling: Is it normal to feel like vomiting after working out?


How do I know if I have the flu without going to the doctor right away?

Apr 24
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How do I know if I have the flu without going to the doctor right away?
I got sick yesterday. Here are my symptoms:

-very sore throat
-dry, painful cough
-loss of appetite
-extreme sleepiness

If you can help, thanks a lot! I also want to know if there’s any medicine I can get, because I’ve been miserable.

Answer by pumpkincat210
chicken soup, gatorade and dayquil. Go to the doctor to rule out strep because you may need an antibiotic.

Answer by mlk_maid
I just got over it. My body hurt so bad. Like you I woke on the middle of the night with nausea. I didn’t eat for over 24 hours in which I slept for the most part of the 24 hours.

I thought I was going to dye. I was BAD!

The only thing that worked for me was ginger ale. I had a hard time keeping even pills down.

I had everything you have except for the cough and sore throat. You could have strep.

Good Luck! It might help you to know mine was gone in a little over 24 hours (Thank God!)

P.S. You didn’t have anything with peanut butter in it, did you? You did hear about the peanut butter thing?

nausea fatigue: How do I know if I have the flu without going to the doctor right away?


What to expect after missed doses of chemotherapy.?

Apr 24
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nausea tiredness

What to expect after missed doses of chemotherapy.?
I am currently on treatment for ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and I am about 2 weeks from the end of my treatment. My treatment is divided into 3 phases, and the phase I am in now is called maintenance. This phases is divided into 12 – 8 week cycles, and is a mixture of at home medicine and in-patient/in clinic infusions. I have for the most part been extremely anal about my appointments and have only has a few set backs due to illness etc. The problem lies with my at home meds. I am terrible at remembering to take them and almost every week forget to take something, and some weeks even forget to take a medicine all together. My Dr. is unaware of this problem, and until I speak to him this week he is under the impression that I take my at home meds faithfully as instructed. I am aware that this is dangerous and lowers the effectiveness of my treatment significantly – but what would you think my Dr. would do? Should I expect him to extend treatment or will we just have to wait and see if I relapse? I am worried about either option, and I plan to speak with him about it but I was curious for any insight.

Answer by Karuvethil
Speak the truth to the doctor who treated you. He will find out the remedy. Don’t hesitate to inform the doctor. This may save you from the problem. Even doctor scold you keep mum and act according to his advice.

Chemotherapy drug targets cancer cells by a number of ways, but all aim to reduce the tumour’s ability to grow and replicate. There are often side effects from these drugs as healthy cells in the body can also be affected, but most often these include nausea and vomitting, and tiredness.

Even then you can’t avoid chemotherapy. It is an important part of Cancer treatment.

Answer by pedro76
If you forgot thank yourself cause chemo is designed as cash cow for pharmaceutical MD conspiracy group.Try alternative cures which are cheap as well as effective.I would buy royal rife generator and treat myself.Many other alternatives are good.Drink green tea as well. Eat broccoli also.Research alternative cures.

nausea tiredness: What to expect after missed doses of chemotherapy.?


why do i have nausea in the morning? ?

Apr 23
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morning sickness feeling

why do i have nausea in the morning? ?
For the past 4 days, I’ve had really bad nausea in the morning. Usually it subsides by mid afternoon, and I don’t have the feeling at night, only in the morning. I’ve been to the Doctor, and he gave me medicine, but had no explanation on why I was feeling this way. By the way, I’m not pregnant! I also don’t have any other symptoms besides the nausea. Has anyone else gone through this? What have you done? (I’ve also missed 4 days of school, so I need to get rid of this soon!) Thanks.

Answer by JoJo
You might be far too hot at night, meaning you feel it in the morning. Try eating an ice lolly whenever you feel ill. Seriously, it does work. I felt terrible in the summer holidays, I had about three ice lollies one after the other and I wasn’t sick after that. It was great!

Answer by lilly of the valley †
it could be your gallbladder, but there’s another medical condition that can happen at night which is acid reflux. The stomach acids leak up into the oesophagus causing feelings of heartburn and sickness by the morning. If you’re overweight, you smoke or if you eat rich/fatty/spicy foods in the evening you can make this worse.

Morning low blood-sugars can happen because it’s been many hours since you had anything to eat. So you feel faint as you would if you starved any other time. To get around that one a pre bedtime snack of something like a milky drink and a few biscuits can help.

However, both are things to discuss with a doctor rather than try to self-diagnose.

Answer by matador89
There can be various gastrointestinal causes of persistent nausea. This can include gastroparesis, esophageal dysmotility, GERD, an ulcer, or inflammation of the upper digestive tract. An upper endoscopy or upper GI series can evaluate for many of these disorders. If negative, an abdominal ultrasound can be considered to look at the gallbladder. More specialized testing can be considered if the tests continue to be non-revealing. This can include esophageal motility studies to look for dysmotility as well as a gastric emptying scan to evaluate for gastroparesis. It would appear that without any tests, diagnosis will not be possible. You do not mention any further symptoms that might assist diagnosis. You would be advised to have another consultation with your doctor so that an examination will point towards diagnosis and treatment.


The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Hope this helps
matador 89

morning sickness feeling: why do i have nausea in the morning? ?


What can I do to curb nausea from THC withdrawal?

Apr 23
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nausea eating

What can I do to curb nausea from THC withdrawal?
Due to an upcoming drug test I am unable to indulge in my loved activity of smoking marijuana. As a result I am consistently battling with a slight yet uncomfortable nausea.

From there it’s all downhill as attempting to eat increases the feeling. And not eating, well…. that isn’t really an option.
Attn: James, Eat healthier? Maybe you should re-read my question.

Attn: Fridays, Sorry I should have mentioned that I do not need to test clean, just lower levels. I appreciate your concern though.

Attn: Whatever, I don’t know what Bobby Brown you smoke. But my body is definitely telling me I need some Al Green.

Attn: dali333 I do not understand your response, but if you are attracted to me based on my avatar you should know that she is the IceBox from the 90′s film “Little Giants”.

Answer by James
eat healthier

Answer by Beebast
Try the motion sickness patches. They seem to help with nausea. Also maybe try smoking the fake stuff. They sell it at the smoke shops. Hopefully it gets better. Good Luck

Answer by Fridays
You are of course aware it can take a regular smoker 6 weeks to ditch all the THC in their system right?

Answer by whatever
Marijuana doesnt have physical with drawal symptoms so I really dont believe you.

But, use benedryal or dramamine. Neither one will fail you, both are anti enemics.

Answer by Tennis.
Ginger is a good natural solution to curbing nausea. Other than that, you could take pepto bismol or other anti- nausea medicines.

Answer by dali333
oh, i think you’re fine little one.

nausea eating: What can I do to curb nausea from THC withdrawal?


What do roxys do to you?

Apr 23
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nausea tiredness

What do roxys do to you?
i had a headache this morning and my friend gave me half of a roxy to make me feel better. It back fired, i couldnt see straight, i felt like throwing up, my nose kept on itching. It felt horrible! I had to leave work early. I still feel horrible and i dont know what to do. Im getting scared. Why do i feel like this? If anyone has any information please help me. Im just worried. :(

Answer by krock2357
Roxy’s are immediate release oxycodone pills. Most people, when given those type of pills are given 5mg & acetaminophen (tylenol) ones, and work their way up to that dose (if needed). One of the reasons why they do this is because an overdose or abuse of them can produce similar effects as heroin or other opiate drugs. While, most people do abuse this for the positive effects, there are often negative effects such as itching, nausea, and intense relaxation/tiredness, which would most likely explain your case.

My advice? Cuddle up under the blankets and let it wear off, and try to get some extra sleep tonight, but don’t worry, you’ll be fine. :-)

nausea tiredness: What do roxys do to you?


Why am I so nauseous? should I eat?

Apr 22
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nauseous feeling

Why am I so nauseous? should I eat?
The past 3 days I’ve been suffering from the flu. I’m now left with a nose congestion, mild sore throat, and a body ache. I haven’t eaten for 3 days, and I have this continous gag feeling. I cannot stand drinking water because the gag feeling comes back. Why do I feel so nauseous if I haven’t eaten for 3 days? Also, its been 3 days without food, should I force myself to eat? Thank you very much for your help!! :)
I’m 17 and not sexually active, therefore I’m not pregnant. Serious answers please, thank you :)

Answer by michael jackson~foreverland
You’re pregnant

Answer by Savannah
try to have some bread. I heard bread soaks up the stomach acid, and its a light snack that fills your body a little. One time when I was sick I didn’t eat all day because I felt nauseous when I would eat, so I ate a little bread and I felt better. Good Luck :)

Answer by Alexy
Make yourself some whole wheat toast with a little butter on it. Eat some of that.
Like savannah said, it will soak up the stomach acid and isn’t too heavy.

If you eat that and it helps, then try eating some broth and crackers. I wouldn’t suggest the noodles or chicken in it (like chicken noodle soup,) because that could be too strong.

nauseous feeling: Why am I so nauseous? should I eat?